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How are you finding the site so far?
After familiarizing yourself with the site, please leave a comment here regarding changes or features that you'd love to see implemented on the site! Is everything working the way it should? Was the signup process easy to understand? Is the site easy to navigate? Your feedback is appreciated :)
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Hi there, love the idea of Fleurieu West! Could we add "Wirrina Cove"as a town if possible? Thanks!
Kind regards,
Ben :)


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Rob Butler
Hey Ben!
Fully intend to add a "Wirrina Cove" area over the next few days :)
Rob Butler
Just an update - there's a Wirrina Cove area now but I still need to gather information to populate it's area page :)
Love riding the bike path but can the Goolwa wharf to Bombora section be upgraded please?


Wondering when the forums will be up and running. Also wonder whether Club YAM could be included somewhere on this page. Club YAM is held on the evening of the third Saturday of every month (the same day as the local market). It is a night of music and fun. All musicians welcome to perform of just for a jam session (the more the merrier) together with anyone who would like to come and watch (an audience is always a great asset!). Entry is a gold coin donation and it is BYO drinks and snacks. It is held in the Agricultural Hall on Main South Rd and weather permitting, we also have a campfire for jam sessions, and this is usually where the night ends, around the campfire. Sound equipment is set up and ready to go in the hall. Instruments must be acoustic by nature, so that if the power goes off the music will continue.
If you think this is something that could be included on this page, please let me know.


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Rob Butler
Hey Barbara! All clubs are more than welcome to create a page on Fleurieu West Connect, just press the "Create A Page" button in the top-right corner of FWC when logged in to a user account :)

Forums will be up soon, there were a few security bugs with the version we had installed so I felt best to take them down until there's a patch available from vBulletin :) (shouldn't take too long, they are pretty quick)

Barbara Matthews
Thank you Rob