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Photographer: Prue Welsh
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New street trees in Normanville

Published Wednesday, 9th September 2015, 5:01AM
Article by Peter Butler
Council has begun planting street trees along sections of Main Road Normanville, signalling an about-face on its intention to re-consult on future streetscaping proposals.

Fleurieu West Connect understands that the current plantings form part of the Yankalilla and Normanville Streetscape Master Plan. Council had previously advised that the Streetscaping Master Plan was the first in a two stage approach and that Council would re-consult on future proposals. The public was consulted on the first stage, the draft Master Plan in 2010.

Council documents show that while feedback from the community was acknowledged at a meeting held in October 2010, the plan was not adopted at that time because comment was still being sought from the Department of Transport, Energy & Infrastructure. The second stage involved the preparation of more detailed plans. The development of detailed plans was delayed due to questions over funding and the undergrounding of power-lines.

Oxigen, an urban design company, was originally tasked to develop the draft Master Plan. The draft Master Plan covered a range of issues including tree planting, removal of car parks, installation of paving and planter boxes and undergrounding of power-lines.

"The master plan is surprising and revealing – residents and visitors rediscover their sense of belonging to place. This project will take time to implement but in doing so it inspires the local communities as to the value and significance of their landscapes and identity” according to the Oxigen website

Fleurieu West Connect has recently been advised that the selection of deciduous Prunus trees is intended to provide shade in summer & allow light to pass through in winter. Council has committed to prune the trees to maintain clean single trunks with a bushy canopy well below the overhead power-lines. Council has also accepted responsibility to clean up the leaves that will fall each Autumn.

The original plan to plant Norfolk Island pines in the Main Street of Normanville caused community concern in 2010. Following the installation of a demonstration site in Normanville, Council received petitions against the further planting of Norfolk Island pines in August 2011. The current tree planting follows the recent installation of a “wombat crossing” to slow motor-vehicle traffic in order to improve safety conditions for pedestrians. The effect the crossing will have on traffic congestion & business & carpark accessibility during peak economic periods is yet to be seen.
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