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Fleurieu West Connect House Policy
Here at FWC, we strongly hold the belief that a happy, progressive and healthy community can only thrive in an open, supportive culture guided by morality and ethics.

We expect from our community members only three things. These are:

1. Be open-minded
When engaging with others in the FWC family, resist the temptation to stubbornly refute the thoughts of others before considering their validity. An open mind opens doors.

2. Be respectful
Every member of FWC is important. Speak to others in a manner which you would like to be spoken to. Everyone has a right to feel safe, respected and encouraged here.

3. Be involved
Without you, there is no community. Have a say on the things that matter to you, don't be afraid to speak your mind! Get to know your Western Fleurieu like never before! Who knows what else is out there to discover?

In keeping with our belief in open-ness, we strive to to encourage freedom of discussion as much as we can. There are, however, some severe anti-social behaviors that we will not tolerate. When interacting with FWC, it is imperative you avoid creating or sharing content that is grossly violent, pornographic, hateful, illegal or overtly offensive. Posting such content will lead to moderation, warnings or even banning depending on the multitude of offences and severity of the content.

All content on Fleurieu West Connect is subject to moderation - we do however place an expectation that users will moderate their own content in accordance with both our site rules and common sense :)